Order of Silence…

This post is going to grow. It is intended to comment on the issue of censorship in Lesotho. After calming down from my anger I realized how important how necessary it is that this blog post be constructive not personal. So please follow me in this growth: 

Look deep. Deeper. You will find in this black flaw. The fundamental flaw in this infinite black is silence. This is the biggest flaw with politics. Their unnecessary need for silence to survive, silence loud enough to distract you but silent enough to shut out any form of revolution.

I have always had a terrible disdain for politics. So much so that I swore never to write about politics on this blog. I understand their role in my life however this does not stop my ethical compass to whirl in multiple directions whenever they swirl around me. I find myself lost, looking to scream and find reason within the whole mess. This is why I was severely disturbed by the notion of LCA sending out letters to shut down Facebook and Twitter to the two major telecommunication networks in the country. It hit me loud and clear that finally we are falling right into the steps of a dictatorship and we have absolutely no say about it.


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