I won’t play a Football game this year!

I would be a hypocrite if I were to only call EA on their Bullshit and not call other game developers on their BS regardless of whether I like them or not. So here is my rant and a piece of my mind on Konami

Having played both PES 17 (on PS4, this part is essential for my coming rant.) and FIFA 17. I have to say Pro Evo again focused more on growing their gameplay and FIFA worked really well on their presentation and this the Journey thing as far as I have played it is really good. It’s not perfect. There is still some pretty shoddy writing and questionable acting and by far parts of the story that have all the sports movie clichés. It is enjoyable however. PES really brought home the keepers and Referees and the gameplay feels real fluid and everything I had an issue with regarding the gameplay has been worked on.

ohh no just another day kicking PC players in the face.

However, Konami for a third year running have second played their PC port because of reasons such as budget and as I call it pure laziness and not knowing how to spread and resource your funds properly, however the politics of game development are way over my head I would assume. However, it must be made very clear that as a gamer I also have standards and so does every other PC gamer out here. If the Fox Engine had not been so spectacular on Metal Gear Solid V I would not say anything but the PC port to MGS V was spectacular. On par if not better than current gen consoles.

Metal Gear Solid V. Need I say more

now the excuse that is constantly being thrown around is that the PES team is always learning new things about the FOX Engine. Which is evident PES just keeps getting better and better and looking better and better but, BUT! if you are going to look me straight in the eye for three years and tell me that you are not well versed enough in the engine to give out a proper port then you should do what needs to be done is get a team of at least 50 people onto it!!!!

pes compare.jpg
because Fuck You! that’s why! (PEs 16)

Now many console fan boys (take very big note of the word fan boy which actually means people who fan to the point of assholery) will just say, ohh well you should just get a console. The world doesn’t work like that. Ask any game developer with a head. when you push out a PC port you wither push out good or nothing. why do you think Rockstar took 3 years more on the PC version of GTA V? Secondly we don’t spend around 30 grand on a PC just to be shat on by a developer, we don’t spend years building community and friendship and actually getting well versed in the complexities of PC gaming just to be given a port that was done on the last minute. Honestly all they did was copy paste some of the code and update rosters. This is Crap. Funny enough this is not even my biggest problem. because i could fix this with a simple patch and voila I have a decent looking game, I can edit so much about the game and in a game that knows its strong point is not licenses, it only makes sense that they would allow patching on PC, right? RIGHT?

Lens flare. Great lighting. Get a PS4 to experience it all, because a PC cannot run it.

Well, no because the PES team decided to add DENOVU encryption. Now this anti tampering encryption technique. Used by mighty companies that know they have fucked up and their game is not worth buying. For instance, EA! So PES joined the bandwagon of encrypting games against “Piracy” of which game developers I sincierly would love to inform you that there is a great number, a very big number of people that actually will buy your game if you


  1. Market it right (you guys used to know how to make trailers. What happened!?!!!)
  2. Actually make something worth buying i.e not a shit looking shit playing PS3 port on PC!!
  3. And giving the development cycle your all (of which you did for the game as a whole but not for this individual port)


Now my biggest issue with DENOVU is how hard it is to add mods. You know mods. You know. THE VERY THING PES NEEDS SO PC PLAYERS CAN ACTUALLY GET THE EXPERIENCE THEY FUCKING WANT OUT OF THE GAME!!!!

Now this hurts me. This hurts me a lot. Because at its core PES 17 is a great game. With majestic gameplay. It’s fun and the mode I play the most. Master League (manager mode to many) has been given a beautiful face lift. It’s what I need from a manager mode. Not you know FUCKING BRAND EXPOSURE WHAT WAS EA THINKING!!! I digress.

So I say sadly that I will not be giving Konami my money. And with a heavy heart to you PES productions, you made a great game. But you didn’t make a great game for my people. And I cannot support that. And to show how displeased I am. I will actually be dumping a grand down the toilet and buying FIFA 17 (only if I get an extra grand yo! I am still sane to a very great extent you know.)  Buying the false marketing and the “Frostbite Engine which by far is not even used for gameplay but just visuals”

PES got the first touch right but could not pass on well to all players. What a tragedy.

I cannot believe I will not be playing a Football game this year. Well no matter. Mafia 3 is on the way. That looks like a great investment.

hey mate. You play PC? well then you are not privileged enough to play quality.

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