Composition and Relativity: What Makes a Lineo Segoete Picture.

I daily hear phrases and questions along the lines of:

“Why aren’t you on Instagram?”

“You’re probably the only “Photographer” not on Instagram”

“You do know you can just follow the people you love right.”

And many other variations of these above following lines. Inherently I have realized there is a massive truth in the above statements. However very little space is ever given to one’s sanity on Social Media. The appeal I guess is mostly on the beauty and not the beast. A distraction from the triviality of life and an overbearing scent of cruel and vile romanticism of life. A flag used to wave in the air the notion of all is all right when all is not. What I normally call “fake positive-energy”. Now social media is reeking of this, and normally in a space filled with societal revolution and abhorring truth (and in the context of this blog post pictures with a stimulated awareness of space and relativity) (such as Facebook) you find pictures with butterflies and inspirational quotes. Sanctioning that by glaring at a screen in bed and reading Paulo Coelho quotes life is just fine. Normally you find these on a Sunday morning when people all wake up and communicate with their spiritual beliefs and need to go through said spiritual connection, with the “very necessary” reminder of a butterfly picture that at this moment all is well.

Worst of all is pictures of yourself clearly having fun. A moment to be treasured is being wasted with photos that are blurry, badly composed and have very little understanding of space. The importance of relativity and the very notion as to why butterfly pictures are defiled with fake positivity. This is where Lineo Segoete comes in for me.

I often obsess over the work of Lineo Segoete, I find it highlights beautifully the feeling of loneliness, and an overall sense of simplicity. So much that I am often asked by people, “what exactly is special about Lineo Segoete’s photography?” and at a simple glance there is nothing special. There is no flashy feature yelling to be seen, something that I feel is plaguing the photography scene here in Lesotho. A contrived necessity for beauty. And beauty in an obsessive and narcissistic way that lacks personality. Every photo feels like a selfie, a mirror of self for self and nothing but self that will be plastered on an Instagram wall to be revered and liked. To create awe without the context of capture. This is something I feel Lineo is very talented at avoiding. Focusing more on the nature of her subjects and capturing them at their most primal and animalistic. Special because of the weight of the sub text of the picture and how multiple photography theories and experience behind a lens hide under simplicity.

Even if you do not know Lineo in person I believe there is a lot that you can from her pictures. You will find on her Instagram (which I will link at the end) pictures about the real beauty of momentary singularity and loneliness and most importantly the importance of self-reflection. This you can find well displayed in her portraiture work (whether self or of other people). There is a beautiful sense of adoration. Created mostly by understanding space and relativity. Personally I believe her photography explores faces so well at an almost psycho-analytical level.

For instance take these pictures:

One thing I realize is the lack of depth of field abuse sacrificing what would be adored as a good picture to actually tell a story of a person that exists in a place and has stories to tell. Tuning up the aperture to evoke the very perspective one would have if they were present in the moment. There is an awoken sense of representation. Her portraits rarely feature the whole body but rather are medium to extreme close ups. Culminating in a heavy study of faces.  The above pictures all carry potency not only thematically but at a technical level. The art of telling stories is spacial, it contains character and this is one of the reasons I always keep going back for more of her work. Simply because it’s not only about meaning but also about people. The analysis of faces and the spaces they exist in. About love and seeing people as for who they are and not who you want to capture them as. Therefore even if an aurora of positivity is present; it’s not pretentious.

Simply because it’s not only about meaning but also about people.

The other most beautiful aspect is her storytelling. Which I will let this collage speak for itself.

I don’t think I can say anymore without sounding like I am drunk in love. So i will leave you with two of my favourite shots, which we can have a loud disussion about in the comments or on Facebook. Fucking A-Grade shit that is importantly honest and understands it’s space.

What but a lonenly photographer can actually inspire you to join Instagram. Lillies in a muddy river. Difficult to pick, complex to understand and carry the most beautiful of stories with their eyes.

Thank You Lineo. For everything.

I know I said two. I hope you get it.


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