What is Catastrophe pt 1. We are not Liberal Fools

We as artists are not Liberal fools.

We do not encounter our inspirations through will but through a cosmic necessity to encounter the darker corners of our minds. This is not some superficial mantra about our Psyché our our imperfect reasoning to denounce superiority in the fields we believe we flourish in. Art for me in this essay is not a supposed form of life or a crap load of performance terms or unnecessary  technicalities. I hope many recognize that the above sentence is not only contradictory of the previous sentences but it is also very contradictory of my work. That does not make it genuine therefore, much like the message of my theatre but it is in the end the truth. Art in here is a catastrophe, a plain field of self endeavor and concrete exploration. My art is normally about Filth, herein it is not just about Filth. Not only about my obsession for cruelty, it is how mentorship has killed by empathy for my characters. We as Artists are not liberal fools (I repeat) we are whores of misunderstanding waiting under the all seeing mercy of the exposure of a spotlight. My art is like a vagina.

I will one day (without the unnecessary pressures of the fucking IB use the above paragraph as a stage direction, an epitomic metaphor to the lack of mediocrity in my superior artistic societies) Well many have probably guessed right this essay is just a long rant or insult to those who deem superior to me bu probably it is not. It is maybe just an honest plea of Freedom. After all Art is a free form of living. You admire the Art of God everyday, you admire, you curse, all at the cost of nothing but your conscience. An illusive set of rules (sorry for this but it may be unnecessary but I lost my pen and there is a change of ink in the original document) set by a culpable facade, a God who by all theory is … Confined and deeply controlled by the desires of each passing Society. Despite the fact that this may not be the platform for this, it’s relevance is not negligible.

My art is a Vagina, Sick contorted and Sick and thus it conjures images of…

(To be continued)



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