Making Love To Mary


Making love to Mary tonight

I shall wake a different man tomorrow.

Tomorrow he will return after three days in a grave.

I have denied it three times before the crow

But tonight Mary our eternal love shall grow.

Mary, I love you.

Mary, I lust for you tonight.

Tonight there shall be no sin.

Tonight when I wrap my arms around you,

There shall be no sin.

Tonight when I thrust within you,

There shall be no sin.

Tonight a virgin mother shall be my mistress of purity

There shall be no sin.

The sensation beyond the reach of Viagra pills,

Beyond the creation of man

Beyond Adam eating eve’s fruit of life

For after tonight in you Mary will exist a life.

I could feel it when you opened your door for me.

I had not eaten all day for I would feast on you tonight.

I felt fire, and in you I could see fire.

Fire was burning, in us there was fire.

Not the fire of desire, that is too weak to explain it.

Not the fire of seduction, that again was too weak to explain it.

It was paradisiacal fire,

Fire strong enough to kill the sinners in condemnation and exist for eternity.

The fire that was calling for the sexual grasping of our selves.

Fire that could only be extinguished with fire.

Surprising enough I felt all this just when you twisted the doorknob.

Touch had not even been physically made. Sight not even connected

However our love Mary is not only physical. Nor to be judged by naked eye.

The door opened, beautiful as you are Mary, you were there, burning in sexual fire.

A pylon of true beauty is what you are my love.

I looked into your eyes, where I had always seen the eyes of a virgin mother.

Tonight existed those of a lover

I looked deeper into your eyes.

Eyes that have seen pain.

Eyes that explained beauty in a single look. Eyes that retold the secrets of love in a prayerful look.

Whether the eyes of a virgin mother, or the eyes of my lover.

Beauty will always exist within them.

I looked further down onto the lips that exhaled desire.

They were not buttered in pomegranates.

They were not buttered with the unoriginal paste of the whores of the world.

They were buttered with your beauty.

Governed by the arts of intimacy, your lips O’ Hail Mary.

The magnificent twins of your breasts. Standing out as a painting of perfection.

Soft at touch, sweet at kiss, seductive at a press, your breasts Mary.

The carefully carved curvaceous body, of my mistress robed in beauty yet again.

The art of nudity at its best.

Nudity preserved at day, was to be ours tonight, Mary my virgin lover.

I descended yet again…

To the tree of thine life.

Paradise had variety; paradise was full of lust tonight. Had it rained? For tonight it was wet in paradise.

Magnificently robed in your virginity, Mary I love you.

It surprised me yet again for a split second I felt all of this, I could see all of this- yet you were still clothed.

You had not only affected my eyes but I had felt the nudge of my pants from morning not to even explain it now.

As I closed the door, your arms were already placed around neck.

I felt your feet leaving the ground and your legs wrapping themselves around my waist.

As I supported you I felt your weight infinite with sexual desire, beyond measure as my arms found a way around your magnificent waist.

Slow down Mary, the night is long.

You sweeped forward with a gentle kiss.

I lost it; your lips tuned themselves in music unheard of.

Your tongue spoke in languages of love I have never heard of.

Tongues stronger than the Corinthians speaking to God about love

Tongues stronger than the hand of the creator creating his first paradise.

The language of your love was more intimate that whispers of valentines angels.

I heard you moan lightly as I grabbed your head robe removing it to reveal your heavenly hair.

I placed you on a table as the great architecture of your thighs still wrapped itself around my waist.

Mary my virgin lover.

I could feel the massaging warmth of your body against mine.

I was in heaven by a kiss.

I slowly unbuttoned the line of buttons of your dress.

I felt my hands grasp themselves around your naked body.

As you undressed me, my heart knelt to your intimate desires.

I worshiped your heavenly curves, and could feel the slight prayer of your womanhood whisper on to my manhood.

Mary my sexual mother, I feel your prayer.

Tonight your sexual prayer shall be answered.

We let go and looked each other in the eye, there was no time for smiles, no time for laughing.

I looked again into your eyes as they poured desire into my heart.

Your womanhood screams gently, it bulges gently of desire.

“I love you” Mary moaned slowly.

I love you Mary my virgin lover.

I tuned my lips on the outlines of your breasts as I feel you lean back and listen to the melody of my desire.

I felt the sweetness of your nipples pour love over me.

Love sweeter than sugar.

Love sweeter than honey.

I could smell the sweetness of virginity on your whole body.

It stung sweetly on the edge of my lips as your sexual moans massaged my ears and your curves seduced the tight grip my hands had on you.

I felt your heart beat pacing over the surface of your breast.

It beat deeply like a deep percussion beating with the musicality of our sexual desire.

I could feel your womanhood beat in rhythm with your heart.

Both praying for the freedom of your virginity.

Mary I pray for your virginity.

My love we pray the fire of our desire.

Mary, I love you.

Mary tonight we will be in paradise with a kiss in between us.

Tonight there shall be no sin.

I knelt down as a Christian in prayer and placed my lips on your vagina.

As my tongue directed itself through the gates of desire I could feel the delicacy of your soft feet land on my back and heard you moan, calling for me to dig deeper.

I could smell the sweetness of the odour of your thighs

And taste the purity of virginity on my lips.

I never think heaven could be better, I could feel love, tissue, muscle, desire, seduction.

“Mary” I whispered silently “once a mother but today a lover. Mary let us make love tonight.”

We took a long stare into each other’s eyes. Each burning in desire for the other.

The art of love could never reach were we reached. Our hearts could never reach were we have reached.

Just our lips did, they lunged at each other radiating the latter’s need of the other.

Mary crying out with the imprisonment of virginity.

I crying out from the imprisonment of desire.

It’s not a night of sin.

Mary, my virgin lover

The distance to your room seemed long as we banged onto walls we didn’t even feel.

Kissing deep into the walls of our desire.

As your legs still bound around my waist were trembling of desire strong enough to fracture the conscience mind of sin.

As your womanhood leaked of the lubrication of your desire

I wondered Mary what would we do without this night.

What would we do without this desire?

Tonight we walked in the gates of paradise in between us existing a kiss.

My legs felt the base of your bed and I placed you slowly, carefully as a new born child.

For tonight you are my baby.

We are newly born to such grasps of seduction.

Our lips hugged again and your womanhood burst in an eruption. An eruption of trembling desire.

Mary what time is there to spare.

Mary which love between us is to be of spare.

There is no sin, an angel flew above us.

I thrust into you and I felt the blood rush to my brain.

Our desire was playing the fiddle of sex in our heavenly seduction.

Mary, my lover. Mary I love you.

I felt the artwork of your waist lunge back and forth, forth and back.

I heard your moans sing themselves slowly out of your desirous lips.

I felt the silk of sheets sliding smoothly on your back as we lunged at each other

Slowly, smoothly, quietly, rhythmically, through the musicality of our sexual desire.

Our bodies crossing over each other.

I could feel the blood trickle slowly on my manhood

Tickling down on to the sheets.

As you slowly released the grasp of your virginity

The imprisonment than bound your long living desire.

I felt it bleed more of freedom; singing the lovely enchantments of love making with every lunge.

As it was accompanied by your loud moaning.

I could feel you crying for more, singing intimately with your serene moans.

I held you and pulled you into my arms and pulled up your face,

I saw a tear of desire flow down your cheek as you lunged deeper, stronger with every stroke.

Mary I looked into your eyes and you looked into mine.

I could feel the secrets of angel Gabriel talking to you in the tongues of Angels.

I was making love to you my virgin mother.

Tonight was not a night of sin my dear love.

As I lied on my back and felt you slide on me as a dove’s feather.

I hugged my hands on your curvaceous waist and supported your deep thrust, and lied back to obey silently the stroke of your love-making.

Your body singing of freedom in every corner.

Minutes passed as if nothing.

Hours passed by as minutes as I obeyed the prayer of your desire.

I could feel my fluids escaping from the countless thrusts of my desire.

Deep into your womanhood.

I felt the melodical moans of orgasm clutch my desire internally as it freed the sweet essence of your vaginal lubrication.

We pulled out.

Each robed in the sweat of your silky sheets.

Each robed in the sweat of a long night.

I pulled you towards me and rested your head on my shoulder.

I looked in to your eyes and you looked into mine.

Mary my sexual lover.

Mary my virgin Mother.

I looked into thine eyes and where I should have seen the eyes of a mother.

I saw the love that was reflected in either eye like birth of twin brothers.

I felt alongside mine the body of my virgin lover.

Mary behold thy virginity in our love bed.

Mary no more a virgin.

Mary I love you.

Mary moaned sleepily “I love you”

As she lunged forward with a kiss and sleepily put her head on my shoulder and slept a better woman.

She slept a different woman. She slept a loved woman. She slept no more a virgin.

Mary my virgin Mother.

Mary my desired lover.

I love you Mary.

Thabelo C. Monyaka


9/15/2014 3:32:35 PM


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