Understanding my Theatre.

Disgust. True and utter disgust is the ultimate way to make people to relate to their fears. The only unique perceptive choice to the reasons why we indict ourselves to the investments of our own cruelty. The theatre has gone beyond the point of shock and awe. It is now the instrument of revealing the anuses in people’s minds to reveal the shit they are hiding. It is no more about showing people the truth they don’t want to see. It is now the instrument of which we shall hurt them with their ignorance. It shall be violent and it shall hurt, it shall expose. Whether they know or they do not know they are in a play does not matter anymore for the difference shall no more exist. Their subconscious shall be laid before them and their sceptical beliefs in religion, politics, society, sanity, ethics and self worth shall be killed before them. We shall no more set before a path but rather give them a choice of which they shall suffer and learn from both. Violence should not be used as instrument of visual attractiveness but have a significant metaphoric purpose. Never should a violent incident be reported only should it be shown. We shall put them in a room with their fears and the option to switch off the lights shall lie upon them for it shall be unto them their own suffering. They say I am crazy. They say I am the psychopathic psychotic. They say my grasp of reality is twisted. This is not surrealistic art, this is realism. This is the most twisted and sadistic crevice of reality. This is Stanislavski with anuses for eyes where the true shit he sees shall be put on stage.

Society shall be naked. Any residual form of society on the stage should be naked. Not literally but they should rather infer to their bitch like tendencies and  in the end be naked and exposed for their true self worth. The petticoat society has deliberately worn to hide its self worth shall be removed as the truth rapes society in the ass and the semen of honesty shall impregnate society from the anal forcible endeavour they just received.

Sex should not be taken for granted. Sexual intercourse is the true reason and purpose for life, the hands that hold the time to continuity. Sex should be the vector of the message and whether passionate or rough it shall possess at deeper sub-textual ends a meaning, a purpose. The true anatomy of the female body shall be the true centre of the play. The beauty of the woman and the seductive expressive build of the woman shall always be the antagonist within the protagonist. The source for reasons of self-understanding. Mentally one should never be stable when in the fantasy of the desire of a woman for it is continuity grabbing hold of his sub-conscious. The dominant figurine of women shall be the noir along the white plains of honesty that we are to speak. The female concentric point of the plot shall always be the sinner within the saint, never shall she ever be fully dressed for her true self should be what the theatre worships, her divinity.

Controversial or anti-social views shall always be expressed for it is the equivalent of letting the mice kill the cat that was hired to send them out. The theatre should always attack and never be at the full ease of the audience. However holiness should be worshiped. Questioning the existence of God and insulting God are two very different thing. Question and insult should be evidently distinguishable in the theatre. Doubt is the foot path of human development.


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